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Saturday Workshops- 2022

Experience One Brain Education.

  One Brain Education is a new health discipline based on the premise that stress and traumatic experiences are physically stored in the body. Join us for a 2 hour group event on the 3rd Saturday each month using One Brain. Next date is Oct. 15th. I plan to defuse one person as a demonstration and then do a whole group defusion.  Given we’re energetic beings holding stress, group defusions work! Remove traumas of the past and support new thinking. Sign up below:



“Joyce is a force! She is ageless, timeless and wise in ways that continue to inspire awe in me. During our sessions, she brilliantly forwards our conversation to a higher level and shows me what it means not only to thrive but to truly be alive. With Joyce as my guide, I have doubled my income, purchased the home of my dreams, earned an MBA based in conscious, sustainable business, and explored new career possibilities. Most importantly, I have learned to prioritize myself and my relationships with newfound love, understanding and gratefulness. I am eager to experience what will come next as Joyce coaches me to explore a yet deeper purpose in my work and all aspects of my life.” –  Lucia Kennerly

“Joyce is training me to create really big goals and stay true to them through her approach of celebrating what is working and expanding my actions based on that context. My consulting business has grown beyond my dreams.  I have
passed the Presidency on and that is freeing me up for more writing
and developing new consultants which is my joy and gift.” – Nancy Dorrier- Dorrier/Underwood Consulting

What is One Brain Education?

One Brain uses a variety of muscle testing techniques to identify the stressor storage points in the body and then gently diffuses them. It works deeply and permanently, without the subject having to relive the stressful occurrence. Using One Brain Education allows people to deal more effectively with present relationships. The result is a greater sense of well being, energy, creativity and effectiveness.

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2 Hour Workshop: $50

Oct. 15th, 2022

2:00-4:00pm EST on Zoom

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